The second book in the Incubus saga, a steamy m/m urban fantasy romance, is now available on and Kindle Unlimited.

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Caught in a love triangle from hell…

Will Kim is stoked to start his internship with a prestigious research lab, investigating a new wonder drug for curing memory loss. He’s grateful his friend Luke got him the job, but when they both fall for the same guy, Will learns just how far Luke will go to stake his claim.

The lab’s star patient, Nick, is handsome, charismatic, and seems totally into Will. And Luke. The problem is, no one knows who Nick really is, not even Nick. He’s a blank slate, his memory wiped clean over a year ago. Nick makes Will take risks he never would’ve imagined, but Will can’t keep himself from wanting more, no matter the consequences.

Caleb Miller and Robert Layton are happily settling in to their new afterlife together when a stranger from Robert’s past shows up at their door, challenging all they thought they knew about both the demon and their relationship. Caleb meets another man he suspects is possessed and vows to help him, even if it means lying to Robert. The man’s name? Nick.