The third book in the Incubus saga, a steamy m/m urban fantasy romance, is now available on and Kindle Unlimited.

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Love is for fools.

And Eddie Russell considers himself the biggest fool of all. After lying dead in his grave for the past three years, Eddie awoke to find his boyfriend Robert had moved on. Caleb had Robert’s love now, and that meant Eddie didn’t. He’s vowed never to put himself through that kind of misery again.

But Eddie has always been a glutton for punishment. When he runs into Chase Billings, a former reality-TV star nursing a heartbreak of his own, Eddie offers Chase a place to stay, and the two become fast friends.

So what if Chase is hot? And charming? And seemingly allergic to wearing very much clothing? He’s still pining after the girlfriend he lost to the same evil that killed both him and Eddie.

But things aren’t always as they seem. Just because Chase likes girls, doesn’t mean he can’t like boys, too. And he seems to like Eddie. A lot.

Is Eddie still fool enough to give love a chance?